Off of the Grid

Day Six

Finally IN Virginia!

Tennessee River

Tennessee is a beautiful state. Lots of meandering rivers and industry. Farms dotted the landscape along the highway – I don’t envy the farmer who has to keep his fields clear of the tree’s and ivy! I would think that would be a full time job unto itself.

Refinery Tennessee
Refinery Tennessee

We passed a sign that stated Tennessee was the golf capitol of the world so I’ve done some google referencing to see if this is true. Here is what I have found out:

Crossville and Cumberland County, Tennessee, easily lay claim to being called the “Golf Capital of Tennessee.”

So there you go! Not of the ‘world’ but of these counties. Glad we straightened that out! I wonder if my dad has golfed there?

TN Giant Cross
Knoxville Orb


We found another giant cross church thing somewhere outside Nashville but before Knoxville. Not as big as the one in Texas but significant enough to tower over the trees and make its presence known right off the highway. I wonder what these church belong too and how they get the permits to build!

Other interesting landmarks we saw before leaving Tennessee was a giant towering ball building in Knoxville.


Once again, the sun was setting as we crossed a state line. We drove into Virginia with some hoots and hollers after a drive that seemed like we would never arrive. We still had most of the state to traverse but the excitement of ‘WE ARE IN VIRGINIA!’ was palpable. The first rest stop we drove by after crossing the state line had some word art facing the highway that spelled ‘LOVE’. I called Daniel and said, “Honey! Virginia loves us!” 🙂 I wasn’t able to get any pictures but at least now we could see the end of our journey. A less than days drive up the state and we would arrive in our new home. Of course, this was still somewhat nebulous as we didn’t have anything rented but still. We would be in the area.

Some impressions as we drove to our stop for the night:

  • Another one of those giant cross things! What the heck?!? This one just over the border not that far from the one in TN
  • Another late night stop. Xander was so frustrated by lack of dirt to play in that when we arrived at our hotel, he promptly plopped down into the gravel/dirt under the yellow flood light to get in 5 minutes of play
  • Virginia at this moment looks a lot like Tennessee. Very, very green.



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