Off of the Grid

Day Two

Oh my Gosh – This is REAL!

We woke up late – 10:00am, and started trying to reach our friends to see if they could meet us for breakfast. Turns out they are people who like to sleep-in as well and going to a later breakfast was perfect for them. I have wanted to meet these people in person FOR EVER! They are Facebook friends that I met through a mutual friend. Isn’t it neat when you find out people you meet in person are as cool or cooler than their FB persona? We spent a wonderful, lovely morning with them. Xander snuck some shots using my camera of the event. I don’t think Mamasilla will mind if I post them here. 🙂 We got to see their creation manifestation station studios and picked up some amazing art to grace our new home. I hope some plans move to fruition and we are able to make music together but we will see. I know that we will meet again and in-between now and then, there is always Facebook!

Mommy and MamasillaMommy and MamasillaMommy and Mamasilla

The little guy ran amok with my camera and took this adorable self portrait while walking with daddy.

Xander Shadow

It was during our breakfast that it started creeping up on me…we are moving! This isn’t some pleasure trip for a few days. We are moving and once again, all of our wordly belongings are travelling with us to someplace completely new. Things have been so crazy – everything moving so fast, it hasn’t really hit me yet. We are leaving Tucson? A place where I am so grounded, it’s not even funny! We have such amazing community there – family – roots; I think I am still in shock. I reassure myself, “We will be back. It’s OK, we WILL be back.”

The rest of the afternoon of our second day was a nightmare. One thing after another. We stopped for fuel. I noticed my tires seemed a little low so Daniel checked them for me and added about 4psi to my front tires. We got on the road and Xander needed to pee. We took care of that and realized, “Holy Shnikies! It’s 3 – little guy has to be hungry!” So we got some fast food so we wouldn’t have to stop. We ended up stopping anyway because my credit card magnet was not working so Daniel had to park the truck and go pay with his card. Since we were stopped anyway, we went ahead and just ate there. So much for fast food! We got on the road and noticed a PetSmart. We had just run out of doggy food that am so we went searching for the PetSmart. Well then the doggies needed to be walked. We found the PetSmart, Daniel went in – got the food and came back out. I would have thrown it in the car but this is why he is sometimes better than me. Daniel carefully put it in the doggie food container we have and threw away the old bag. It was now after 5pm and we were just getting on the road. AHHHHH!


Again, beautiful skies and more rainbows! It seemed Arizona was going to outdo itself in wishing us a fond farewell and reminding us to come back one day. Two more incredible rainbows graced our journey as we headed East.


Some neat landmarks as we drove – I especially loved this Meteor Crater City building and sign. Plus – the worlds largest dream catcher is out front. I wonder if they would let me move that to in front of my house?

meteor City2

   Some more amazing landscapes graced our journey


and a final AZ sunset.

Arizona Sunset1

Anywho – one must move forward mustn’t one so we forged ahead. With a last gasp and dogged determination we made it just over the NM state line before stopping for the night. To make myself feel better, I reminded myself we were closer than we were before and the next day we could get some serious driving done. Little guy refused to take a nap during the drive on this day so was super tired. We went to sleep with a goal to get started in a more timely manner the next day and try to make it to Amarillo, TX.




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