Off of the Grid

Day One

Sunset in the Desert

A New Adventure!

Getting Out of Tucson!

This move came fast! Daniel interviewed for this position and once they decided they wanted each other – BAM! We were moving. The desert that has been our home sent us off with a glorious show making sure that we never forget it. Thank you Tucson!

Due to finance and circumstance, we lost about a week where we could have been packing. Instead I sat around at home cataloging everything that needed to be done. Our neighbors came to our rescue with the donation of packing tape. REI and a local comic store supplied all the boxes we needed so finally, we could get started! A friend came over and packed probably the most difficult item in the house to pack – my special things cabinet. If I had to pack it, I would have spent hours going over every special thing. Instead, she came over and GOT. IT. DONE! What a Superwoman! Thank you Em! Another friend came over and helped to pack our books. Thank you Natasha! With their help, Daniel and I packed the rest of the house in three days. I hired some guys to come and help me load the moving truck. Daniel is out of commission for a while while his ribs heal. Together, the three of us moved the piano, the other furniture and most of the heavy boxes into the truck. We got a lot done in two hours! Daniel and I took care of the little sniggly stuff that is always at the end of the move and it felt like it took FOREVER! Finally, as the rain drops started falling – we finished loading the truck. I’ve never – in my life – left a house in the condition we had to leave our house in. Fortunately I had already hired a wonderful woman to go in after us and fully clean the house as we would have if we had the time. I also was able to coordinate for someone to go in and clean up the back yard. As luck would have it, right before we were getting ready to head out, a large wind storm hit Tucson and a tree branch fell off the salt pine in the back yard. It completely covered the yard preventing me from doing a final poopy scoop and other basic clean-up. He went in the day after we left and cut up the branch and hauled it out and picked up the yard for me. Our wonderful neighbors went over and took photos for me so I could see that everything had been done.

Dawn in the DesertWe ended up getting on the road at midnight. It was typical of a Daniel and Paula move. LOL – I think the Universe might actually stop spinning if we left for any major trip on-time. We were exhausted after completely packing and moving our house. We made it to the rest stop just East of Phoenix and camped out till dawn. It’s been hot in the desert – the lows in the mid 80’s and the highs above 100. Once the sun came up we didn’t waste time in getting moving. We headed to Glendale where we had plans to visit with my daughter and her family. I can’t believe we are going to be so far away! After a too brief visit (and an experience with Red Robin that shall go down in infamy!), we hit the road.

Xander 2

Xander was exhausted. He quickly fell asleep on the drive. Daniel and I weren’t faring much better. We decided Flagstaff was about as far as we were going to make it.



Cloud cover1

It’s monsoon season in Arizona right now. For the low desert, that means humidity is introduced into the air and lots of thunder and lightning and hopefully a little rain. For the high desert – that means rain and as we discovered …







We arrived in Flagstaff just as the sun was setting. Tuckered out from too little sleep while packing and from our short night camping we quickly found a hotel for the evening. We were happy to see our destination and hopeful to get to spend some time with friends in the A.M..

Flagstaff Arrival

It’s official – We are On the Road!




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