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It’s all about the roof

Daniel has been outside in sun and rain and blistering cold. Ok, maybe not blistering but really, really cold! We installed the roof skin and are putting on the trim today. She is starting to really look like an RV. Probably even more so when we install the door. LOL!

The latest pics:


Walls are up! Working on the roof.

Hi All –

We have been busy and I have just been lax about updating the site. Seem like we have been running-running-running to get this thing boxed up so we can drive out of here. We had our first snow this past week which put about 3″ on the ground. The temperature plummeted to a mere 15 at one point. Daniel was outside working and the screws were literally breaking. Obviously he had to stop for a while till it warmed up again.

We discovered that there are challenges to building a straight wall when the RV is actually not quite straight. That was exciting. All is good but we ended up having to give the rig a chiropractic adjustment to get the walls on the chassis. Friends from a local homeschool community came and helped us lift the 31′ long walls and put them on the rig. While we were waiting for everyone to get there, I had the kids build a wall section with some of our scrap materials. Every kid had to cut their luan wood, glue the wood to the insulation, and then install the skin. I also handed out a bunch of sharpies and had them decorate the sub-floor with drawings, games, song lyrics – whatever they wanted as long as it was positive and kind. One kid actually wrote out the entire phrase that we all know so well from Mary Poppins. I am not even going to try and spell it – LOL! Love it!

We ordered our new door from Dyers RV – turns out they have the same door as Camping World at the same price but don’t have us pay for shipping. SWEET! Camping World wanted $144 in shipping! Dyers and Camping World had the door with window and screen for about $200 less than all other competitors though. The shipping from Dyers was super fast – 3 to 5 business days. The first door arrived damaged so we had to refuse delivery but they were super prompt about the replacement door. It arrived just fine earlier this week.

We want to have a bit more flexibility with the roof and what it supports so keeping weight in mind, we added an aluminum brace every two feet connecting wall-to-wall. Then we used 1/2″ wood instead of the luan so the roof would be a bit more substantial. We aren’t going to store anything up there, but it sure is nice to know we can stand up there and not fall through if we want. Plus – the braces going across the top make the rig more stable.

I know you all really just want to see the pictures so here ya go!

That Pesky Leak!

Well, you all know we have to replace the roof. We have had this pesky leak where the air conditioner was since forever! When we had Winnie sitting for two years, this leak got worse. Caused some damage to the floor as well, of course. Well, we have patched and patched and patched – all to no avail. Everything we do seems to open up other leaks. We know! We Know! We need to replace the roof! Tell that to the weather here in CO! Snow one day, sunny 60F+ day, rain the following hovering around 40F. ARG! Can’t do it here. We HAVE to get a patch that works until we can get to WA in June.

So – my amazing hubby and I had some serious discussion about what we could do to finally seal the leak so we can put in the new floor and cabinets without water dripping on them for a couple of months. Some of the options we discussed included building a roof on-top of the roof, getting a heavy tarp to cover the roof and stapling the heck out of it to prevent it from becoming a sail or cover the leaky section with Fylon and seal the edges. The fylon solution won. Daniel found out that we could purchase a 4′ x 8′ section from Lowes and some roofing material adhesive (I will have to go outside and get the name off the tubes).


While Daniel was up on the roof, I was inside, literally holding the roof up while he was shimmying around installing the panel and glue. Good thing we haven’t raised the roof yet! We will let you know if this repair/patch was successful or not but we are pretty sure it is. It’s raining today so we’ll know soon enough. LOL! It just has to hold till June! That’s all we need! 🙂

Hopefully the following posts will be showing some improvement on the interior. Otherwise my anxiety level will be through the roof! Winnie has to be livable by the end of the month and we still have to do the wiring and plumbing! <breath><breath> We can do it, no problem.

Leave a comment, tell us what you think. See you out there!