Off of the Grid

Final Stages…

Our last week in our house in Colorado was insane. Our belongings seemed to be reproducing sponaneously overnight. I didn’t think we would EVER be done packing. Fortunately, we have incredible friends. A friend made us an amazing lego bag holder/mat and a bunch of other bags to help us pack toys. Pringles came over and had little guys room clear in an hour. I don’t know how she did it, but I am forever grateful! The cleaning ladies got there about 7pm (I am so thankful they were able to come late! We were SOOO not ready for them to come any earlier.) We got everything done at the 9th hour. At 12:10am, I was locking the door for the final time.

Winnie was packed to such a degree there was not an inch of walking space. Towards the end, we had literally been piling stuff in. My friend Morning’s partner generously donated free hotel points so we could stay in a hotel that night.

We didn’t have to have Winnie road-ready when we left the house. Another friend invited us to stay at their house for a week so we could get things put away, and straightened out. It was very needed! Plus, getting that extra week to spend time with them, and other friends was so special.

Like I said, we have awesome friends! Before we piled a bunch of stuff in Winnie, she was feeling and looking pretty cozy. We got the sofa in, and the bookshelves turned out great!


The last week, we were sleeping in the RV to make packing easier. I will get a more current pic for you when I have vacuumed :-).

I have mixed feelings about leaving Colorado. It is not the place where my spirit is happy, but we created a home there. It was really nice having my sister relatively close and getting to see her and her amazing family whenever we could. Our community of friends and fellow homeschoolers in Colorado are wonderful, inspiring, amazing people! I am going to have to get used to my ‘home’ being migratory again. It’s both exciting and sad at the same time. I am sure once we get Winnie fully together I won’t feel quite so displaced but right now I have to admit to feeling uneasy.

That’s all for now! Next I will be sharing our adventures in NE. All I can say about that is, only us. LOL!


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