Off of the Grid

Working, working, working

YAY! It’s official! We are finally dry! After a snowstorm which dumped about a foot of snow onto our recent roof repair we can safely say we have plugged the leak. PHEW! Not to pretty inside but it works for now. We are replacing the whole thing anyway. I will get some pictures up in here soon.

Daniel has about half the sub-floor in. The hot water tank and white water tank have been moved to the belly of Winnie, leaving our floor space clear. The walls are pretty rough right now, hopefully we will have time to slap some paint on them at least before we move in. I might have to paint on the road. Time is ticking and we only have two weeks! Daniel was stuck in a project at work that exploded. He had no time to work on the RV for about two weeks. Precious time lost. At this point, I am focusing less on our remodeling goals and more about how to make it livable till we get to WA in June.

I will keep you posted.


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