Off of the Grid

Remodeling Again

It seems we are at it again! We have ripped apart Winnie in order to rebuild her. We thought we were going to have all summer to do this and instead have only 4 weeks! We desperately need to rip off the entire roof but that repair is going to have to wait until June when we get to our ‘remodel’ location; the home of our incredibly kind and generous friends in Eastern Washington. Right now we had to repair a wall to wall sized leak in the roof where the air-conditioner used to be. Daniel was creative in his kludging of a water-proof repair. However, it just reinforces the need to rip the whole thing off. In 2011 we took off the back half and replaced it. We should have taken the whole thing off at that time. Can’t remember why we didn’t. Time? Money? Can’t remember. Anyway, we need to get it done now.

In other news, the interior remodel is super exciting! More cooking/eating/family space. As time has shown, we like to collectively gather around the kitchen and visit. Our favorite living space had an island that we all gathered around. We are recreating that in the RV! We are moving the hallway from the center of the rig to one side. The kitchen space is now an “L” shape and we are creating a full bathroom instead of the wee WC and shower across from each other. Built in bookshelves and a bigger bed are among some of the changes. Exciting! We need to draw a to-scale diagram. Once we do, I will post. ­čÖé

I am going to see if I can get pictures on this post of where we are right now. Keep checking back!

P.S. Check out the images of how we ripped apart Winnie the first time we did this to check out what’s possible. Go to the menu and select RV Remodel. Then I would suggest ‘Tear down Complete’. ┬áHere is a link┬áTear Down Complete


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