Off of the Grid

Beginning Again …

It’s been a few years since we wrote about our wonderful Winnie, but we are gearing up remodel her yet again. This time with some pretty amazing changes! We hope to move in full-time again before the end of 2017.

Our changes include completely changing the way the kitchen is oriented. We are making a galley kitchen instead with a swing-up table for eating and seating. This instead of the up-all-the-time table one usually sees in the rig. We will build in a variety of seating options which will support more people should we need to; carcasson game playing or crafting. Our focus this time is all about creating open space that will adjust to our needs vrs having things up all the time.

We will be moving our hallway from the middle to the right side of the rv and creating a full bathroom.  YAY! No more little WC! And we can add a tub! We aren’t going to focus on any slide-outs but will instead add a slide-back! This will give us an entirely new room on the back of our rig which will be great to have. Custom bookshelves, raised roof, moving the windows – these are just some of the ideas we will be putting in place on our newly redesigned home.

Daniel and I are working on the plans now so be looking for updates soon!


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