Off of the Grid

Vacation vrs Full-Timing It: A Comparative

We just got back from our first ever vacation in Winnie. Now, obviously we have traveled in the rig, but we lived full-time in it. We had all our belongings crowding us at every turn. This in-spite of the fact that we’ve gotten rid of most of what we own. Our cupboards were full to bursting at any given moment. We had items that we had to shuffle when we stopped for the night, or when preparing to move for the day. Anyone who has ever had a rig knows you have to get it road safe. This goes beyond the usual engine check, and includes a full walk through of every space making sure things are stowed, tied down, packed, etc.

This vacation was amazing! We had space! Our cupboards were available. Our clothes were not in danger of constantly falling out of their place. The rattle of pots and pans was gone. So nice! Now Xander’s mobile stays over his bed at home, so we no longer were making sure it was hung or stowed. The built in book cases are empty so we were able to use them to hold all of the Xander toys and books we brought. This meant we didn’t need the small 6 section bookcase in his room. He had his entire floor to play on which he has never had in the rig. The full sized keyboard has been moved into our house so we removed the piano cabinet. Now there is room for a chair! I didn’t have to spend the entire trip trapped behind the dining table. And, we were able to rock our son to sleep just like when at home. Why? Because we had room!

The rig was lighter than it’s ever been. And our emotional state in the RV was completely different. This was a trip of enjoyment, not of necessity. We weren’t lugging our baggage with us every where we went, instead just had what we might need or want for the trip. It’s amazing what a difference that makes.

Living in the RV fulltime for a year and a half was an amazing experience. It provided a perspective that I don’t think can be obtained any other way. Our RV was our home and sanctuary in very uncertain times. It made the difference between us ending up in some shelter somewhere or having a home. I am forever grateful that we had the ability, funds, time and space to buy, and rebuild our Minnie Winnie. She has been a home when we were homeless and a sanctuary. Our lives have stabilized to a point where we were able to move into a house, but we are holding onto Winnie. She is our security blanket and our ‘always’ home should we need it.

Thank you Winnie.


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