Off of the Grid

The End of an Era

Hello All –

We have been full-timing it in the RV since October of 2011. That means over a year and a half living in 28′. Two adults, two medium sized dogs, and one wonderful toddler. We’ve traveled throughout the Western and Central states. We have taken the rig to long weekends in the desert, fed our friends and family on pancake Sunday, and resolved more issues with each other and the RV.

We thought we were moving to Austin, TX this past summer – boy did THAT not work! On the trip to Austin, we ended up replacing two tires, the serpentine belt, an idler pully, our glow plug actuator, and possibly one or two glow plugs. It took us almost two weeks to get to Austin, and three days to get home. Our RV park manager in Tucson learned of our difficulties and heard we were coming back to Tucson. Out of kindness, he held our space. Driving into Tucson, we were able to pull in at home.

On this journey, we have met some amazing people. We have learned more about ourselves and each other. We have demonstrated resourcefulness, and ingenuity. But I have to honestly say, I am so excited to be moving into a house! There is something to be said for multiple rooms and ‘stuff’. We’ve learned to live life in a minimalist manner living in Winnie, and hopefully we can take these lessons with us into our new home. At first, it’ll be pretty simple. LOL – we don’t have any furniture! But as we acquire furniture and things, we’ll have to keep those lessons close to the heart.

We move in the 15th of this month. Winnie will be lovingly placed in storage ready for our next adventure. It’s been a great ride and an amazing adventure. Anyone want to rent the rig for their summer journey – you send us a note and let us know.

Till then – make sure to live life as the adventure it is! Look for beauty in unexpected places, and always take a moment each day to count your blessings.


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