Off of the Grid

A New High! Berthoud Pass 11, 307′

We’ve been on the road!  For those trying to plan their own route this summer, let me list out the route we took from AZ to CO:

  • I-10 to I-17
  • I-17 to US Hwy89
  • US Hwy 89 to US Hwy 160
  • US Hwy 160 to US Hwy 163
  • US Hwy 163 to US Hwy 191
  • US Hwy 191 to Utah Hwy 128
  • Utah Hwy 128 to I-70
  • I-70 to US Hwy 40
  • US Hwy 40 to US Hwy 34

Quite a route!  Some great advice by the nice folks at RVForum.Net made sure we were well aware of potential issues with our trip.  Ironically, the switchbacks heading to and from the Berthoud Pass made the ascent and decent fairly easy.  I wouldn’t want to do it in the snow but we had more trouble with the Vail Pass at 10,666′ than we had with the higher Berthoud Pass.  We took everything very slowly and I’m sure drove the people behind us batty.  But on the plus side, we never overheated, brakes never smoked and Winnie came through like a champ!  More posts to follow on the individual segments; Monument Valley, the Colorado River, Mexican Hat etc…


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