Off of the Grid

Sacred Space in 21′

After living in our small space for 6 months now, personal space has become something sacred. Because you really don’t have any. There’s the living space, the galley, the WC (which really is a closet), and the baby’s room. I suppose I could crawl into the cab-over and pull a blanket over my head, but that really wouldn’t be the same. So what have I done? I’ve done what thousands of other RVers have done before me. I’ve made a small space outside my rig.

In our RV park, we don’t have a patio, and our slot is one of the small ones. It’s the drawback to being in a small park. The other day I’d had enough. We drove the rig to the local Home Depot and I bought 15 x 2’square terra cotta bricks. We got back and I had my husband park as close to the side wall as he could and I went to town! Initially I had envisioned a perfectly flat ‘patio’ but discovered that 15 bricks would not a full sized patio make. LOL – I spaced them about 2″ apart with the local gravel in between the stones. I staggered them in three rows. My little makeshift patio looks pretty cool!

While I was at Home Depot, I also picked up 3 happy red geraniums, 3 cheery iceland poppies, and 1 freesia plant. The coup de grace was a turquoise woven metal chair I picked up at Target. The flowers are currently spaced around the patio but I intend to get some big pots and plant them in about 3 planters. It’s my space. MINE! Every time I open my front door now, I see my flowers and my pretty patio. I can sit in my chair and just veg enjoying the sunshine, or can close my eyes and enjoy the smell of my flowers. LOL! I used to laugh when I looked at other RVers who would haul around big plants, full patio sets, wind socks, lights, and all manner of outdoor decor. Now I understand – it’s someones personal get away space. I’m not laughing anymore. I’m right there with’em!

This may seem like a silly thing, but when your life existence is condensed down into such tight spaces, you need someplace to call your own. Any corner will do. My husband seems to be rolling with it better, but then he has his own dedicated, no-one-can-mess-with-this-space at work. My patio isn’t permanent – when we leave, I’ll pick it up, pack it in and off we’ll go. But now where ever we end up, I can at least re-create my sacred space.


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