Off of the Grid

Small Spaces Living

Here is a note to all you couples out there;  want to see if you are going to make it for the long haul? Move into a small, small space and see how you do.  If at the end of a day in which you both have been home, you don’t want to knock your mates head off, chances are good that you have what it takes to last for a lifetime.

Living in a small space brings to the forefront all those little things each of us do that normally don’t affect our partners.  From how you prefer to fold your clothes to the splash factor when you wash your hands.  Suddenly everything has a bit more weight.  For example, in a normal home, your bathroom has a large sink and probably some generous counter top around it.  Here, our bathroom sink is 12″ round – a wonderful hammered copper work of art – but that means, if you don’t consciously place your hands into the bowl, water is everywhere!  When the TP stash is being stacked neatly at the edge of the sink to ensure reach-ability, this becomes a problem.  Wet TP is no longer useful in any way.

The clothes folding – well, again here is some perspective.  In a regular home, you have a closet of some type that is most likely floor to ceiling and at least 3′ wide.  You most likely also have a dresser and possibly even two.  Here, we have a single closet that we are sharing that is about 2′ wide…maybe.  It don’t think its that wide.  It is NOT floor to ceiling so anything long has to be folded over or just drags on the bottom of the closet – which doesn’t work because that is where the extra shoes are.  We each have a cabinet for our clothes.  That’s it.  If you are a messy folder, the cabinet door won’t close.  Since the cabinets are at head level, this becomes a problem.  Whack your head enough on the partially opened closet door and your either going to rip the door off it’s hinges or will be passed out on the floor from repeated head trauma.  Neither option is good.

Anyone who has ever been an enlisted person in the Navy can probably relate to the small space issue.  I imagine living on a ship or a sub is somewhat similar.  Just image doing it with your husband or wife….now throw in a toddler.  😀

Anyone reading this far is probably thinking Daniel and I are struggling to make this life style work but ironically, we’re doing pretty good.  I find myself looking at my home, and am filled with happiness.  This is something we made together.  A testament to our ability to work with each other in harmony.  I am happy snuggled up to my husband when I go to sleep and happy when I wake up to him squashed against the window (his preference to the yawning chasm of doom – the other end of the cab-over bed).  I do nag a bit more than I used to as we discover these ‘little’ things, but even that seems to be resolving itself as the reality of the reason for the nag becomes apparent.  He’s the sloppy hand washer and I’m the ‘just shove it in the cabinet’ person.  Ironically, I insist on everyone else’s clothes being perfectly folded!  But at the end of the day, we are laughing and living and ready for our next adventure.  And each day, it seems like our little home is just a bit bigger.

Ain’t love a funny thing  …


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