Off of the Grid

Musings & Thoughts on 1-1-2012

Happy New Year!

1-1-2012I know 2012 is supposed to be full of doom and gloom according to some, but I can’t help feeling that instead, it will just be a time of change.  As long as we roll with it, we should be fine.

I just finished watching the movie ‘The Long, Long Trailer’ with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz again – the first time since the purchase and move-in of our own trailer or ‘rig’ as Desi says.  The movie is as amusing as it is horrifying and most people watch spell bound at Lucy’s silliness and Desi’s ineptness.  But when you live in a rig, the movie takes on a whole new meaning.

You start thinking things like, “Ya right you want to hold onto all those canned items till next year.  Just wait till you’ve been tripping over them, moving them around and having them generally get in your way for a few months!”  Or, “Seriously?  Ya didn’t go two feet down that forest road and realize that was a bad idea??!?”  Or even,”What were you thinking?  You’ve felt the trailer move when it was blocked and parked.  What made you think you’d be able to stand, let alone cook while it was moving?!”

RV life is about sacrifice for the greater gain.  It’s about realizing both your limitations and your abilities.  It’s about compromise, trust and a one of a kind sense of adventure that makes it all worth while.

The basic premise of Lucy and Desi is great.  He travels, why not take the family and the home with them.  LOL – perhaps a smaller rig would have been a better start but then the movie wouldn’t have been as funny.  🙂

This life isn’t for everyone.  Some people really need their space.  But on the flip side, for those who can make it work – what a ride!  So 2012, bring it on!  Daniel and I have proven we can adapt, and we can compromise.  We can sacrifice, and we can build – individually, together, and as a family.  We are courageous, creative and determined and we will succeed through adversity and prosper.  We’re in it for the big adventure.

Welcome 2012!  May the spirit of the Awen flow freely and may everyone Walk in Beauty.  A-ho


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