Off of the Grid

Great Progress

We have all been so busy that no one has been taking pictures!

We have re-installed the ladder, roof rack, and spare tire (now mounted on the underbelly rather than on the back wall).

Our new license plates are in place and we passed the emissions inspection with no problems.

The galley sink and stove are both hooked up and ready for use.

We installed styrofoam over the apertures for the external shower and furnace (to keep out the cold).

The furnace is too far gone to use. The sail switch, that detects positive airflow (before igniting the propane fuel), fell apart in several pieces when we attempted to repair a corroded contact point. The exhaust port is nothing but rusty shards of metal. We disconnected the furnace and plan to replace it with a new one rather than use it in such unsafe condition.

A wiring fault caused the right signal/brake light to back-feed power through the running and clearance lights. I traced the problem down to a faulty bulb, but after tearing out the socket (which was my primary suspect). We replaced the bulb with an array of 24 bright white (3.8 volt) LEDs, but the signal/brake flashing is virtually invisible in the light of day (someone told us it was broken today but it is just too dim). We have some orange LED clearance lights that we will put in place of the incandescent originals. Then we can re-purpose the bulbs in order to get more lumens on the tail end.

The bookcases and desk are finished and they look great. The painting is also finished and we are installing the floating floor soon.

The shower walls became a massive fail when the contact cement destabilized (due to the onset of cold weather) and bubbled up behind the new waterproof treatment. Three days of clamped drying time and it still peeled off by hand. We now have some MDF tile-board and some Liquid Nails that can be used as low as 22 degrees F. The tile-board is more rigid and should adhere to the walls better than the plastic sheeting did.


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