Off of the Grid

Seeking Closure

We have been watching the weather change. We have been trying to get the exterior sealed before any major rains hit. Every time we peel back the tarps, we think we will be doing so for the last time, only to find ourselves putting them back on for another night.

Glue and screw shortages. Wind gusts. Rain storms. Injuries. Biting and stinging insect attacks.

Learn from my fail: When using a two-hand-grip on a caulk gun, be sure not to let one of your fingers stray into the tip cutter hole; it is just the right size to take the tip right off your finger. Fortunately, I released the grip before it had cut all the way through and it only trimmed off part of the pad of my left pinky. There was still plenty of blood! My fingerprint will never be the same again.

Now on to the pictures…


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