Off of the Grid

Curves and Support

We have been preparing the new roof and walls to accomodate the new Fylon skin, but the weather has not been cooperative. For example:

  • While dry-fitting a 4X8 sheet of luan, a wind came along and tore it off the subframe
  • Wind knocked over cabinets, making spot repairs necessary (these cabinets are part of the rear wall structural integrity solution)
  • Rain forced us to move the rig to a nose-down slope to prevent water damage
  • A new piece of luan (and 1X4 subframe) was flapping like a bird’s wing in the wind until we tacked it down

One response

  1. mark randall

    Dan you are proving your skills arer unlimited again , I wish I was there to help and learn. Leave some work for me when you visit.

    October 1, 2011 at 12:21 am

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